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  • Charter Company from Croatia
  • Headquarters in Zagreb
  • MMK partner since 2021
  • CEO: Ilija Topić
  • Founded in 2021


Marina Novi


CroSail is a Croatian charter company located in Marina Novi, Novi Vinodolski, and in their own words, they can make dream trips happen!

Dedicated to providing the best experience possible, they keep their yachts updated with state-of-the-art technology & safety protocols. The company was founded in 2020 by Ilija Topić, who had the right idea at the right time but decided to let his children build a story and develop the services, making CroSail a truly family-run company.

With a fleet of 12 yachts including sailboats and two catamarans and Motor boat, CroSail offers a wide range of boats of different sizes and specifications catering to various customer profiles. It is situated in Marina Novi, the port of one of Croatia's hottest destinations city, Novi Vinodolski.  The marina is among the most prestigious ones on the Adriatic coast, offering plenty of amenities, including exchange offices, restrooms, a restaurant, a hotel, a travel agency, shops and supermarkets, and pretty much anything one could need for a perfect vacation. The location itself is very convenient due to its proximity to the airport and highway.



While it is very customary amongst charter companies to strive for fleet expansion and add more bases, CroSail wants to focus on establishing the company as is. Currently, the CroSail team believes it is essential to develop procedures and set up operations in a way that helps them provide the best possible service to their clients. That is where Booking Manager comes into play.

Since entering the market, CroSail wanted to explore its options and started offering its fleet availability through booking platforms; it took only a short time for them to realize that Booking Manager was the only solution they needed. In 2023, they decided to become Booking Manager Golden Partners and offer their yachts exclusively via Booking Manager. The decision came naturally as it was a win-win situation; all of the agents were using Booking Manager to make the bookings, and Golden Partnership lowered their costs and brought additional booking security. Having a single source of truth makes their day-to-day business much more manageable, and gaining a birds-eye view of all the bookings and options.   

"All of the agents are using Booking Manager, so we are confident our season will be fully booked, and that is why we decided to become Booking Manager Golden Partner and offer our availability through Booking Manager exclusively."

Karla Krasnić

General Manager


CroSail, being a family-run business, allows them to design their offering and services around the needs of their clients.

They are fully focused on providing the best possible care, and it is their priority to make the clients feel right at home, often turning clients into family friends. They pride themselves on the ability to accommodate their client's wants and needs no matter how big or small they might be, making CroSail an ideal provider of charter services for a dream trip on the sea.