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Revenue Planning

Revenue Planning is a unique feature that allows you insight into market prices and helps you plan your pricing strategy. Compare your prices with your local competitors and make sure you are not losing money by giving too much discount or losing clients by overpricing.

Crew List in Montenegro

Crew Lists are important part of the preparations for charter and Booking Manager enables charter companies in Montenegro to gather the data about passengers and print the legal registration form in just few clicks

Anonymised Communications in the System

As a  fully  independent partner, Booking Manager recognizes its unique position on the market and maintains guarding confidential data to ensure the anonymity and security of communications within the System by effectively generating an opportunity for the yacht charter business community to co-create a mutually beneficial standard of customer service.

Control Your Last Minute Bookings

Get control over your calendar and manage the last-minute bookings with the least effort, thanks to the tool available in Booking Manager for Charter Operators.

Zapier Integration

Booking Manager initiated integration with Zapier to offer our clients a cross-app comprehensive solution unique to the charter market. Connect your Booking Manager Application data with Zapier using your API and reap the benefits.

Total Processing Integration

Booking Manager has partnered with Total Processing to offer a streamlined solution for payments. Offer the possibility to your clients to pay directly on the booking confirmation via credit card, apple pay, google pay and much more.

Sailsense Integration

Booking Manager has partnered with Sailsense to offer our clients an even better solution. Connect the Booking Sheet of your Local Booking Manager Application to Sailsense rental section.

IBCS Anchored

IBCS-Anchored provides a unique service in supporting all operators in demonstrating their compliance with the ISO international standards for yacht charter

Protecting Charter Fleets with Yacht Certification

As a standard operating procedure MMK Booking Manager has been checking the authenticity of yachts featured on the platform. To redefine booking standards for the charter market, yacht certification is visible on the Portal. This offers everyone the tools to recognize the yacht's authenticity, ensure correct representation, and guarantee a secure and transparent booking process.